5 ADHD Alternative Treatments to Consider

If you have decided not to give your child psycho-stimulants to treat ADHD, you need to research ADHD alternative treatments. Without some kind of treatment, your child will suffer too much from the symptoms of ADHD.

Alternative treatments help your child lead a normal life by alleviating the most common behavioral issues stemming from ADHD. Here are 5 alternative treatments you should consider.

  1. Dietary Control. As an ADHD alternative treatment, dietary control is highly effective and important. The key is omitting common allergens from your child’s diet and making sure that his diet is optimal. There are certain nutrients such as the B-complex vitamins, iron, zinc, and essential fatty acids, which are often deficient in children who suffer from ADHD. You have to give your child an excellent multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplement and ensure that he eats plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and lean meats. Allergens you should avoid include dairy products, food coloring, MSG, chocolate, sugar, and refined flour. Cut these ingredients out of your child’s diet and wait a few days to see if his behavior improves. If it does, start adding the ingredients back into his diet one by one to figure out what is causing the ADHD symptoms to flare up.
  2. Behavioral Therapy. The goal of ADHD alternative treatments like behavioral therapy is to increase the frequency of desirable behavior on the part of your child. Children behave well when they are rewarded for their good behavior and feel that they are making their parents proud. Inappropriate behavior is reduced by behavioral therapy because parents consistently provide negative consequences when their children behave badly. A qualified therapist can help you design an appropriate therapy plan for your child.
  3. Exercise Program. As an ADHD alternative treatment, exercise is highly effective because it modifies behavior by altering brain chemistry. When your child exercises, the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are increased. These neurotransmitters help your child focus, stay calm, and provide emotional stability. Exercise also releases endorphins, which improve your child’s overall mood and demeanor. Plan an intense aerobic exercise program for your child to improve his ADHD.
  4. Sleep. Children who exhibit ADHD-like symptoms may actually be suffering from sleep deprivation. Obstructive sleep apnea, sleep walking, and other issues that cause sleep deprivation can lead to ADHD-like behavior in your child. The first thing you must do in order to provide effective ADHD alternative treatments is to find out how much sleep your child is getting. 10-12 hours a night is essential. Take your child to the doctor to diagnose any sleep disorders and address those problems in order to ensure that your child gets enough sleep every night.
  5. Homeopathy. As an ADHD alternative treatment, homeopathy is highly beneficial. Unlike other types of remedies, homeopathic formulas are safe enough for daily use and cause no side effects whatsoever. They address the underlying imbalances that lead to ADHD and help to alleviate all of the symptoms of ADHD, including restlessness, inability to concentrate, and over-excitability.

Homeopathic remedies contain only tiny amounts of natural substances that would cause symptoms of illness in a healthy person when given in larger doses. These minute concentrations actually help to awaken the body’s innate healing ability. Best of all, homeopathic remedies improve overall health because of their immune-boosting properties.

By making these simple ADHD alternative treatments a part of your child’s lifestyle, you will help him overcome ADHD once and for all. These solutions may not bring results overnight but when combined, they actually help to cure your child’s ADHD.

Why not get started today? Improve your child’s diet, address sleep issues, make sure he gets enough exercise, take him to a behavioral therapist, and administer a homeopathic remedy on a daily basis. You won’t regret your decision.

Do Alternative Treatments for Piles Work Better Than Conventional Treatments?

If you have ever suffered from piles you will have no doubt purchased one, or possibly several, of the many topical creams and ointments available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. Have you ever wondered why, no matter how many times you have applied these treatments in the past, your hemorrhoids continue to come back? I’m sure you have, and this is why a lot of sufferers have lost any trust they may have had with the pharmaceuticals that provide these treatments and have switched their focus onto alternative treatments for piles.

Why are alternative treatments for piles a better choice?

Thankfully, most hemorrhoid treatments bought off the shelf at your local pharmacy provide a degree of relief, either from pain or itchiness and many help to reduce swelling, this they all do relatively quickly, however, relieving as these treatments may be, their effectiveness is only temporary and it is only a matter of time before the hemorrhoids return. Which, inevitably, means that more money has to be spent on the same old creams and ointments; an endless cycle, as many chronic sufferers of hemorrhoids will confirm. It is this continuous cycle that has pushed frustrated hemorrhoid sufferers to consider alternative treatments for piles.

Alternative treatments make it possible to eliminate hemorrhoids completely which cannot be said of those treatments bought off the shelf at the pharmacy. The biggest problem with treatments produced by big pharmaceutical companies, in particular for conditions and complaints that are common and not life threatening, is that they will only ever treat the symptoms and not the cause, and because of this a hemorrhoid sufferer will have to purchase treatments over and over again. This constant purchasing creates massive amounts of revenue for the pharmaceuticals, revenue that will, in turn, keep the shareholders happy. In conclusion: Don’t expect a cure for piles on the shelves of your pharmacy at any time in the future!

This is why so many people have realised that using alternative treatments for piles is the only way they will ever become completely free of hemorrhoids.

Do alternative treatments actually cure hemorrhoids?

The word ‘cure’ is a dangerous word to use when talking about treating any medical condition, but alternative treatments have provided a permanent solution to hemorrhoids for a long time, so if you consider never being bothered by hemorrhoids ever again after having been a chronic sufferer a cure, then be my guest. There is no miracle treatment that works immediately when it comes to treating hemorrhoids so if you were hoping for such, then I’m sorry. As I mentioned earlier, the best way to treat piles is to fix the cause as well as treating the symptoms, and this is what alternative treatments do very well.

Proven 4 Alternative Treatments For Depression

Alternative treatments for depression are useful, as they provide no side effects. There are many medicines available for curing depression; also, side effects are associated with them. Hence, it is wise to opt for the alternative treatments. As depression is mood related, enhancing the mood of the person is essential. Some of the alternative treatments are good enough to control the physical and emotional feelings, as they trigger depression.

The alternative treatments available are:

1. Acupuncture
2. Homeopathy
3. Ayurveda
4. Nutritional food


Depression occurs due to emotional and physical disturbances. Acupuncture relieves the emotional stress and feelings associated with it. There are points called acupuncture points present in the human
body. Acupuncture therapy makes use of these points to cure depression. Many surveys conducted recently reveal that acupuncture is one of the best alternative treatments for depression. It provides no side effects.


Homeopathy is a recommended treatment, but it will take a little time for complete cure from depression. Depending upon the cause of the depression, treatment is given. Some of the homeopathic medicines used for curing depression are:

1. Arsenicum album – Good for anxious, insecure and perfectionist people.
2. Aurum metallicum – Good for people who are serious, focused on achievement and work related.
3. Calcarea carbonica – Good for people working a lot and having physical illness.
4. Causticum – Good for people who suffer from grief and loss of something or some person.


Ayurveda treatments make use of the herbs to cure depression. As herbs are extremely good for health, the possibilities of side effects are ruled out. “Vacha Rasayana” is one of the best medicines used to cure depression. It contains many herbs that are vital for mental harmony and peace of mind.

Nutritional food:

Poor eating could lead to depression as well. It is important to take foods that are rich in proteins and nutrients. Few foods used for curing depression are; namely, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, raw almonds, mixed dried nuts and fruits, sprouts and egg. All the food mentioned above rich in nutrients and making use of them will help to reduce depression to great extent.

The above-mentioned alternative treatments for depression are cheaper in cost and do not provide any side effects. Make use of them to live healthy and happy life.

Acne Alternative Treatment 101 – Your Guide to Treating Acne the Alternative Way

Acne treatments, especially the acne alternative treatment forms, are being sought after with an increasing aggressiveness today. Most pharmacies online and offline are recording all-time-high sales in acne treatments. The available statistics on acne-afflicted individuals are not very reliable since most cases remain unreported. It is widely believed however, that over two thirds of Americans are suffering from acne currently. That is a phenomenal crisis we are talking about here, and thus the need to comprehensively understand the available treatments.

Why Acne Alternative Treatment is More Appealing

Acne is not a surface condition. It accrues from clogging of skin pores by the oil naturally generated by your skin. These pores help the skin execute its excretory and respiratory functions well. Without those pores, bacteria easily accumulate alongside other toxins. The combination initiates the accumulation of dead cells around the skin (lesions) that can be irritating and painful.

The problem with most conventional treatments is that they are lotions, ointments, oils and other surface treating approaches. When you apply more greasy substances on the already clogged skin, you aggravate the problem rather that solve it. The best they can achieve is removal of scars while the bacterial problem remains under the skin to create some more scars.

The acne alternative treatment methods target the problem-causing bacteria and in so doing, eliminate the acne from its roots. Advantages of acne alternative treatments> include:

o Amplify the overall body health besides treating acne

o The heal the source of the problem and not the surface symptom

o Less expensive

o Readily available for all patients

o Have no side effects

Examples of Alternative Acne Treatment

1. Mineral and Vitamin Supplementation

Acne originates from a clear deficiency of some essential vitamins that support the growth, maintenance and functionality of the skin. When such vitamins as A and E as well as Pantothenic Acid are found in deficient levels, severe acne will be the consequence.

To prevent or remedy such deficiency with high intake of fruits and vegetables so as to get essential minerals is important. Even more important are vitamin supplements, which actually do cure acne. In naturopathy, vitamin supplements used alongside skin cleansers and herbs remains the most effective alternative acne treatment.

2. Light Treatment

Another alternative acne treatment in contemporary use is light treatment. The method utilizes ultraviolet rays to clear acne accumulation. This method of treatment requires the guidance and opinion of a professional dermatologist.

3. Herbs and Herbal Extracts

In most women and especially teenage girls, acne is caused by imbalances in hormone levels. This can however be rectified using such herbs as, chaste berry, dong quai, black cohosh, evening primrose, red clover and wild yam. According to leading herbalists, these herbs help to balance the sometimes-mischievous female sex hormone, estrogen. They also counterbalance the androgen, which is the hormone that triggers excess production of sebrum. High sebum levels clog the hair follicles thus forming acne.

Besides taming the estrogen and androgen, specialist herbs have been said to reduce infections and inflammation evident in female and male patients. Other herbs that are essential towards this front include echinacea, dandelion root, licorice, burdock, salvia and red peony. The herbs not only kill bacteria, but they also amplify the ability of the skin to heal.

4. Other Tropical Treatments

Some key topical treatments in use today are seaweed and tea tree oil. These provide a favorite acne alternative treatment featuring powerful and side effects-free antibacterial properties. They are therefore crucial in treating acne inflammations.

5. Psychological Wellbeing

Acne experts believe that controlling and or eliminating stress, anxiety, depression and psychological strains helps in reducing acne effects. That means any effective measure in alleviate stress and maintaining a balanced psychological health is a viable treatment path for acne patients. Such measures include:

o Regular exercise

o Stress relieving activities like walking

o Yoga sessions etc

o Aromatherapy

o Acupuncture

o Meditation


Most people opt for acne alternative treatment mainly because they want to avoid adverse side effects that accrue from using conventional medications for acne. It is worth to note that the reverse can also happen where the alternative treatments becomes a health threat. The lack of regulation and quality control mechanisms makes alternative treatments suspect and you must personally ensure that what you use is safe and effective in treating acne.

Alternative Treatments For Cancer

Cancer has become a localized disease. An orthodox doctor in a traditional way aggressively attacks cancer by cutting out the tumor and flooding the body with toxic drugs. Their belief is that this is the best way to destroy the tumor. But often the cancer is still present and spreads everywhere. They fail to understand that cancer is a systemic disease and it spreads all over the body. Tumor is just the symptom for cancer and there are various alternative treatments/therapies focus on rebuilding the natural immunity of the body. By rebuilding the natural immunities, the ability to destroy cancer cells on its own gets strengthened.

Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery are the three proven methods for treating cancer. These methods may actually shorten life in many instances. All these methods of treatment have demoralizing side effects and only acts as a treatment for symptoms. The probability of recurrence of cancer is high. These therapies at times may be necessary for rare forms of cancer and the early stage of the disease. It has been observed that cancer is the second most dreadful disease in United States of America and most of the cancer patients die of chemotherapy.

Now there are dozens of alternative cancer treatments available. Each of which works only on a minority of patients who try it. There is no best treatment for certain type of cancer. The doctors/medical consultants are the one who are entitled to identify the best treatment method for a patient depending on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer. Conventionally doctors suggest the newest treatment available. But this is completely wrong because not all the patients suffer from similar cancer and the stage of cancer may vary from person to person. Now patients themselves opt for the alternative treatment of cancer as the cost involved in it is less and the recurrence of the disease is much less compared to the conventional way. One should not choose a particular type of treatment just because it worked for a friend. Out of all the alternative treatments available like ACUPUNCTURE, AROMATHERAPY, BIOFEEDBACK, EXERCISE, HYPNOSIS, MASSAGE THERAPY, MEDITATION, MUSIC THERAPY, RELAXATION TECHNIQUES, TAI CHI, YOGA, one can choose any of these depending on the type of disease and stage of the disease.