Lung Cancer Alternative Treatment Options

Are you looking for a fresh approach to treating lung cancer? If so then you should know that there are many lung cancer alternative treatment options. Fighting lung cancer can seem like an endless battle. This is hard on the individual that is fighting the lung cancer and for the family as well. It can be a trying time for all involved.

Many people are looking for alternatives this is because some traditional treatments not just work on killing the cancer but it also is toxic and hazardous to the patient. Chemotherapy for example, can cause hair loss it can cause the patient to be very sick and can also make the patient feel totally drained. It causes severe side effects. Many people are looking for away around this and are now starting to turn to lung cancer alternative treatments to fight cancer. There are many different natural means that you might want to try.

One alternative is to try a different diet. There are many different herbs, foods, and drinks that can help with trying to rid your body of cancer. An example of a diet that might be recommended for prevention and treatment of cancer is a diet that is high in fiber. There are many different foods that you can find that might be high in fiber that you could eat. Some of these are the cereal Mini Wheats, brown rice, wheat pastas and bread and more. These could help you if you are looking for a natural diet alternative. You could also try a diet high in Vitamin D. You could look on the internet for foods or drinks that might be high in Vitamin D. Of course these are only a few of the diets that you could use for a natural approach.

If you are looking for treatments that don’t include diets then you can try a few different methods. One of the methods that are a natural approach without having to take any chemical medications is oxygenation. This is supposed to aid in killing the cancerous cells. It has been a proven method that many are now looking to use. There is also another method that may work for you and this is detoxification. This is supposed to work by riding your body of any toxins that may be enabling the cancer to spread and grow. It is thought that toxins help speed up the spread of cancer. Either one of these two methods are natural approaches that you may want to take. These are not the only approaches however that is available.

In conclusion there are many other methods that are available for those who are looking for more natural treatments. These are available whether you are looking for ways to prevent cancer, ways to cure cancer without having to try toxic treatments. You should not feel like you are out of options it is a hard battle but there are many new methods of treatments coming out all the time. Keep in mind though that what works for one person may not be a treatment that works for you but there are many different lung cancer alternative treatments that you can try.

The Didgeridoo – A Proven Apnea Alternative Treatment From Australia

A didgeridoo is an ancient instrument believed to have originated from native Australia. Other historians credit its source to the Amazon basin or the Pacific islands. A didgeridoo is basically a hollow natural wooden pipe or tube made from either natural or artificial materials, having their interiors hollowed out naturally or artificially.

This apnea alternative treatment device is traditionally made from eucalyptus or bamboo hardwoods. In most cases, the good ones have their interiors hollowed out by termites just to the right size. Playing a didgeridoo involves blowing air into the didgeridoo while vibrating your lips which then produces sound vibrations.

Playing a didgeridoo has for long been regarded as a sleep apnea alternative treatment. However, most people still wonder how playing a didgeridoo can treat apnea. At first glint, it’s quite difficult to find any connection between the indigenous didgeridoo and apnea treatment. However, medical research has since proved that playing a didgeridoo can help reduce the condition of sleep apnea disorders.

It’s believed that playing a didgeridoo works as a sleep apnea alternative treatment by affecting the way we breathe. Remember that apnea is usually caused by breakdown of the upper respirator airways which brings about snoring. Playing a didgeridoo seems to add more strength to the upper respiratory airways, thus allowing better airflow during sleep.

When playing a didgeridoo, you inhale through the nose while storing air in your cheeks. This is called “circular breathing” which trains muscles of the upper airway tissue and in effect reduces snoring and sleep apnea.

There are many health benefits of playing a didgeridoo. Besides being fun, it is also a very good apnea alternative treatment. It drastically reduces snoring and sleep apnea problems. A recent study has also shown that playing a didgeridoo can reduce a person’s anxiety. When preparing to meditate, it calms you down. It also works well in relieving stress. To a lesser extent, some people argue that playing a didgeridoo can improve dental health as well as treat asthma.

Just like other sleep apnea alternative treatments, playing a didgeridoo has its own risks and drawbacks. According to Australian research, girls who constantly play the didgeridoo are prone to infertility. Also, in the case of severe sleep apnea, it may not be very effective. However, a didgeridoo is still a wise choice if you are considering an apnea alternative treatment.

ADHD Alternative Treatments – Are They Really Effective?

ADHD Alternative Treatments – Safer Choices You Should Know About

When faced with the life changing diagnosis of ADHD, parents often feel confused and overwhelmed. Medications are prescribed; however, new issues to develop. The prescribed medicine has terrible side effects and parents wonder, which is worse, ADHD or side effects from the medicine? Are there other choices? Yes, there are ADHD alternative treatments.

Family counseling is a positive first step for ADHD alternative treatments. Families coping with ADHD face emotional challenges. Parents and child deal with frustration over escalating behaviors; the child may feel anxious and fearful due to medication; and parents have guilty feelings wondering what they have done to cause this situation.

Counselors help families work through these emotions, while assisting parents with strategies to manage behaviors. Counselors can provide additional resources for ADHD alternative treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach which teaches the child life skills and problem solving strategies. In addition, children in cognitive therapy learn organizational skills and reason through tasks so they have better success in completing assignments. Learning these skills can increase self esteem as classroom performance begins to improve.

Another ADHD alternative treatment is making life style changes. Simple changes in diet, such as, reducing sugar, removing dyes, and preservatives have been shown to improve ADHD behaviors.

Adding fruit, vegetables, fish, and whole grains will provide additional benefits. Making sure your child participates in some form of exercise everyday will release excess energy and aid in calming the mind. Make sure your child is getting plenty of rest, 10-12 hours per night is suggested.

Another beneficial of the ADHD alternative treatments available that has been used with widespread success is behavior therapy. This therapy helps both parent and child by teaching strategies to reduce arguments, and manage defiance. Parents learn consequences for negative behavior and how to offer praise when milestones are achieved.

In seeking ADHD alternative treatments, consideration should be given to using herbs or homeopathic remedies to alleviate symptoms of ADHD. Homeopathic remedies have no zero side effects and often, are just as effective, if not more so, than their prescription counterparts.

Homeopathic remedies can be used in combination with any of the above-noted alternative treatments. Research has shown more parents than ever before are choosing natural remedies to treat their children and experiencing great success.

Seeking the best treatment options for your child who has been diagnosed with ADHD is an overwhelming task. Being aware of ADHD alternative treatments, can help achieve improve overall health for your child.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Alternative Treatments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is an affliction that many people have without even being aware that they have it. There are many cases of individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder not being diagnosed until later during their mid-life. Treatments for ADD range from the more common prescribed methods including a chemical ADD treatment (typically using Ritalin and Amphetamines) and psychotherapy to the more extreme alternative treatments. This article will focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder alternative treatments.

Depending on which ADD specialist you follow (there are many) you may be exposed to several different treatment methods. Some of the more notable ADHD specialist includes Joseph Kandel, Sari Solden, Michelle Novotni and Kate Kelly. They advocate many treatment methods that are capable of helping people diagnosed with ADD better cope with their situation. You can find out about the numerous ADHD treatments made available by reading books, magazines and doing some online research.

One of the more popular ADHD alternative treatments focuses on the use of acupressure. This form of treatment has been proclaimed successful in treating other disorders such as weight problems and anxiety attacks. Recent studies have shown that acupressure has been mildly successful at helping children diagnosed with ADHD sleep better and have a calming effect on their blood pressure and hyperactivities. More studies in this alternative ADHD treatment will hopefully yield further positive results towards the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Additional research is now being conducted in another alternative treatment that has been successful in treating other disorders. Both Therapeutic Touch and Reiki (part of what’s known as energy healing) are now being studied and considered as possible treatments for ADHD by focusing the body’s energy patterns to slow down random massive thoughts allowing for a calming, soothing effect allowing someone diagnosed with ADD to more easily stay focused.

One possible treatment actually revolves around a few changes made to an individual’s diet. Although it hasn’t been confirmed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) there is strong evidence to support that certain food items like sugar and white flour adversely affect individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Also along the same treatment methodology would be the holistic use of vitamins. Although there is no concrete evidence that they help alleviate ADD symptoms and vitamins taken in high dosages can be damaging to your health when used in moderation they have been known to minimize sleep problems and the inability to stay focused for long periods of time.

Other more extreme Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder alternate treatments include methods involving biofeedback changes where brain waves are monitored and manipulated through an amplification process. Behavior modification is another technique where someone suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder can learn to control some of the symptoms normally associated with ADD such as having trouble relaxing, trouble waiting, focusing for long periods of time and enjoying fun activities. Psychotherapy involves sessions with a trained professional therapist in the hopes of attempting to become ore aware of the ADD symptoms and helps to cope with them better.

As you can see there are a variety of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder alternative treatments to choose from with the hope and intent of allowing someone suffering with ADD to lead a more leisure and healthier life.